Fall to winter... and I don't ski. What am I doing in the North East? 

Anyway heres a sample of recent show minerals offered and soon to be...

Old collection Fluorite. Minerva no. 1 Mine, Hardin Co. Illinois. Sold

Amethyst quartz, Veracruz, Mexico.

Blue Topaz. Brazil

A fine 50 gram white Topaz, Brazil

Colorless Topaz Floater. Brazil

A rare crystallized Rose Quartz, Brazil

Rose Quartz Floater. Madagascar. (Sold)

Amethyst ringed Calcite. Uruguay. Sold

Amethyst ringed Calcite. Uruguay. (Sold)

A fine Calcite Flower, on Amethyst Quartz. Uruguay

Calcite Flower on Amethyst. Toldinmo Mine, Santa Catarina, Brazil. (Hold)

Sweet Home Rhodochrosite with penatrating Quartz, Colorado

Rhodochrosite with quartz. Sweet Home Mine, Colorado. Sold

Rams Horn Selenite, Mexico

Rams Horn Selenite. Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico

Love large Imperial Topaz, Brazil

Large Imperial Topaz. Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Sold

Twinned Calcite. Sokolovsko Sarbayskoe, Kazakhstan

Aegirine, Malawi

Aegirine, Malawi

Golden Rutile in Quartz, Brazil

Rutile in quartz. Sold

Fine Gem Heliodor, Ukraine

Gem Heliodor. Ukraine

Fine Stilbite Group, China

Stibnite. China. Sold

Japan Law Twin Quartz. Brazil

Japan Law Twin Quartz. Sold

Large Etched Blue Topaz. Brazil

Blue Topaz. Brazil, sold

A rainbow Lemon Quartz, China

Yellow polished quartz with rainbow

Rutile Hair in Quartz, Brazil

Rutile pocket stone

Azurite, malachite, Morocco

Azurite/malachite. Sold

Large Hematite, Michigan USA

Hematite, Michigan USA

Polished Rainbow Fluorite, China

Polished Rainbow Fluorite. Sold

A fine Tourmaline, California, USA

Tourmaline. Sold

Rutile quartz. Brazil. Sold

Enhydro quartz with Huge moving bubble. Goboboseb, Namibia