Offering a special find of large barrel black grape Amethyst stalactite after Calcite after quartz inner core with terminated well formed quartz crystals inside its core. Note the shape of the head that follows the calcite shape. The mine does not discover these stalactites often. It was carefully extracted with no damage across the piece. Color is a rich deep black grape. Found in Artigas, Uruguay. An epic find not a common occurrence. Note the video. 5.5 inch tall by 3.5 wide making this a large crystal 3 pound 9.6 ounce. The piece will sit up on the bottom at a angle. USA SHIPPING ONLY The Blue Flame Natural Elbaite crystal. Dara-e-Pech Kunar, Afghanistan. No damage. Ex D. Olsen collection 156.7 gram. 4.75 inch tall. Sold