AAA Rainbow Lattice Crystal 36 carats with full inclusion rainbow both sides rainbow Serpent Mine. Harts Range Northern Territory, Australia


AAA Rainbow Lattice Crystal, or Sunstone, 36 carats with full inclusion rainbow both sides Rainbow Serpent Mine. Harts Range Northern Territory, Australia. I bought this from the mine owner himself Mr. Darren Arthur in Tucson this year. I hand picked one and only one. Here it is my one one. 36 carats. Measure is 1.25 inch across by about 3/16 inch thick.

Per Wikipedia: Rainbow lattice sunstone is a type of feldspar which is predominantly moonstone that is made up of 75% orthoclase and 25% albite.
The inclusions (internal features) are referred to as: the result of crystalographically oriented exsolution crystals within the feldspar mass, these are hematite and ilmenite. Hematite (Fe2O3) which are small mainly yellow to deep orange platelets which can be hexagonal shape and are generally in one plane within the feldspar. This effect is called aventurescence or "sunstone effect" which gives some of the gems an orange glow.
Ilmenite (FeTiO3) titanium iron oxide which creates the lattice effect. This forms as a very thin blades that occur in one plane at different levels. These blades orientate (north/south) in different levels by a process known as lamellar twinning and also displays “Sagentic twinning”, which forms the lattice pattern. The ilmenite inclusions in many cases have oxidized or altered through geophysical processes to give the iridescence or rainbow effect across the lattice patterning. The ilmenite that has no alteration remains black with a metallic sheen. The ilmenite also predominantly forms equilateral triangles and the lattice pattern has triangular terminations.


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