Rare Top grade Variscite found in 1960 Lucin, Utah, Ex. Nancy Collins Collection. 8 x 4 x 3.8 cm.


Variscite, Utah Ex. Nancy Collins Collection. Collected in 1960 Lucin, Utah. The face has been polished. A specimen suitable for either lapidary of fine just left as a specimen which is what I prefer. Light to deep green shades of Variscite banded within a white matrix. 8 x 4 x 3.8 cm. Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral. It is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color. The green color results from the presence of small amounts of Chromium. Variscite is a secondary mineral formed by direct deposition from phosphate-bearing water that has reacted with aluminium-rich rocks in a near-surface environment. It occurs as fine-grained masses in nodules, cavity fillings, and crusts. Variscite often contains white veins of the calcium aluminium phosphate mineral crandallite. This is now a mined out RARE mineral and those found today are nowhere of this quality! Price is set, I paid big for this specimen. Thanks. USA ships priority, overseas express


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